John Lewis Partnership, our UK Partner

The dilemma of the internet is that very often we find products that we would like to buy, but cannot, either the company in question has no online sales, or worse, only a text description and photo. This really does not guarantee either the quality of the product, or the supplier themselves. Consequently, at Eme we receive many enquires asking to know where our products are stocked.

When I receive an enquiry from the UK, it is always a pleasure for me to direct them to one of our long standing partners, John Lewis Partnership. We have been supplying John Lewis since 1994, and when a potential client asks to know who our major clients are, John Lewis is always first on the list.

Even when I had a “Saturday Job” at Waitrose, John Lewis had a reputation for quality and service. A characteristic that has remained with the Company to this day. I cannot help but feel that it is due to this philosophy that has made their online sales and direct sales so successful. Product and product information can be easily be found on their web site, and if that is not enough, why not take a visit to your local John Lewis Store and speak to one of their sales staff. You will find them friendly and well informed. You may even want to see our cutlery ranges on display.

At present we have two lines on display; Vintage, a classical design with special “pearl effect” handles in 2.5mm 18/10 stainless steel. Ideal for those special dinner party occasions. And Vero  a modern design with coloured translucent handles in 2mm stainless steel; perfect for everyday use, and a must if you are looking for cutlery that will combine with your Guzzini products.

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