Cromoterapia In The Kitchen and On The Table – Cookware by Eme – Tognana


Cromoterapia – Colour & Fun



The full cookware range

After the success of CROMOTERAPIA-BENESSERE IN TAVOLA® (Cromoterapia tableware), Eme Innovation and Tognana Porcellane have decided to expand the range to include a new cookware range, that consists of 7 articles in 7 different colours; the basis of the CROMOTERAPIA-BENESSERE IN TAVOLA® concept. But also a visual “colour” aid to find the pan/saucepan that you want!

Red – Casserole + lid Ø 16 cm
Orange – Casserole + lid Ø 20 cm
Yellow – Wok Ø 28 cm
Green – 2 handled pan + lid Ø 28 cm
Blue – Pan Ø 22 cm
Indigo – Pan Ø 26 cm
Violet – Pan Ø 30 cm


Excilon is an inorganic ceramic; a technologically advanced non-stick finish that is also ecological. It is free of any form of PFOA; and has excellent nonstick characteristics, resistant to scratching and high temperatures.

The body is in aluminium with a thickness variant from 2,5 to 4.5 mm, so as to obtain better heat diffusion and what is more important, no heat spots. External finish in 7 different colours.

The base of the cookware has a stainless steel metal plate which makes our cookware suitable for induction cooking.

The handles are ergonomic, heat-resistant, and have a special “soft touch” finish for a better grip.

The lids are in tempered glass with a vapour “escape” for safer and better controlled cooking. The lid has a silicon rim that protects the lid from knocks and provides a hermetic closure.

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