Post Ambiente and Macef

Ambiente and Macef 2013

I would just like to thank all our clients (new and old), and hopefully, future clients as well, for making both trade fairs, Ambiente and Macef, such successes.

It has been such a long time since we have experienced such interest and excitement at a trade fair. It almost seems as if this terrible recession may have finally come to a close.

For those that can remember the recession of the 1970’s, it was a time of great ideas, inventions, and creation – the Renaissance of the 20th Century!

Let’s see (and hope) if history repeats itself once again; giving the “young” a renewed urge to dream and create, and the “old” a sense of pride in “youth” that they helped to encourage.

New cutlery model Victorian



Multi purpose tray
Style in Tray Design



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