Tesco does it again

Tesco does it again

Before starting this post, I must inform my readers that I have promised Tesco that I would not publish on the Internet any copies of correspondence between our two companies. Obviously Tesco are worried that  I may state something that might put in doubt the reputation of this great company. A Company that is always striding to put the interests of their suppliers and investors first. Oh I have forgotten their customers, I am sure that they feel that Tesco is always offering them the very best.

In my previous post, I brought to the attention of my readers, the questions that I would have ask Tesco if I were thinking of buying their “similar” product to our Vero. Well this time we have another product from Tesco for which they have stated that the products are not the same. I leave it for you to decide.

On the left we have the Tesco version. On the right we have ours. Are they the same in appearance? Or are they not?

Tesco's Vintage Cutlery
Tesco’s “Exotic” version of our model Napoleon
Napoleon Cutlery Model











Once again Tesco gives very little information concerning the product in question. We bought a 4pcs place setting of the “similar version” and found that the fork did not stand up well against a hard steak. In fact the fork came of the worse.

I do not want to repeat the previous email, by stating what questions should be asked to Tesco about this product. I will only state  “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”, and this is why our version with its 2.5mm stainless 18/10 certified stainless steel, and the “pearl type” handle is sold in the very best stores in the World.

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