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NRA Show 2015 – Chicago 16-19 May

NRA Show Coming Soon!!!

NRA Show 2015 – Chicago 16-19 May

This year Eme Posaterie, in collaboration with Arvind Group, will be exhibiting at the NRA Show 2015.

It has been some years since we last exhibited at this Show, but after the success at Catersource 2015, we feel very positive  about the up and coming show in Chicago

The NRA has always been very close to my heart. What can be better than exhibiting at this great fair, in a great city like Chicago, and at a great conference center that is McCormick Place.

To all the people planning to visit the Show, I would just like to ask them not to be afraid about importing from Europe. Eme has over 30 years of export experience, and we can find solutions to any logistics problem that you may have.

Eme is perhaps the largest manufacturer of flatware in Europe, and due to its massif investment made, Eme are able to combat even the Chinese manufacturers on price; while guaranteeing quality of product, fast lead times, and NO MINIMUM ORDERS!

So please come and visit us at our booth 6972.


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Lotte Home Shopping – 롯데 홈쇼핑 – Korea

Lotte Home Shopping – 롯데 홈쇼핑 – Korea

We at Eme Posaterie are very proud to present to you the Lotte Home Shopping video that was filmed in Korea and at the Ambiente Trade Fair 2015.

We would like to forward our congratulations to all the Team at Lotte Home Shopping for making such a great presentation of our Napoleon cutlery model, and especially to our distributor in Korea, Trianon for making it all very possible.

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The Importance of being EME – Brand Name

The Importance of being Eme Posaterie Srl – Brand Name

Eme Trade Mark & Brand Name
Eme Trade Mark & Brand Name


When a Company is making head way in creating an International Brand Name, as with Eme Posaterie, it often happens that other companies try to find links to such companies that give the unintentional or intentional impression that they are some how connected to that company.

The Company Gammasteel Srl,  that sells under the name of Domus&Design, was once part of Eme Posaterie Srl, but for many years has become a fully independent company; a totally separate entity, financially and commercially, from Eme. We have also been informed that certain distributors are informing their clients that Eme and Gammasteel/D&D are still part of the same group. THIS IS FALSE!

There still exists good family connections between D&D and Eme, but each company is navigating along separate highways.

It must be stressed that when the division of the two companies occurred, all the production facilities remained with Eme. This is important, because as we can control the various production stages of our products, we can also fully guarantee the quality of our products.

All our products come with full laboratory certification, and fully respect the stringent International and EU laws governing Health and Food.

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Catersource 2015 – Las Vegas – A Thank You!

Catersource 2015 – Las Vegas – A Thank You!

Catersourse Las Vegas
Catersourse Las Vegas






Our first time of exhibiting at the Catersource 2015 Trade Fair was indeed a great experience and a very good fair!!!

Catersoucre 2015 - Las Vegas
Stand at Catersource 2015
Catersource 2015 Las Vegas
Catersource 2015 – Another angle

I would just like to take the opportunity in thanking all the visitors to our stand, and a very special thanks to Mr. Arvind Shah of Arvin Group for making it all possible.

Mr Arvind Shah, is already preparing for the NRA Show Chicago 2015 Trade Fair in May 2015.

This will be an exciting moment for our Company, as we will be showing America that “Made in Italy” can be better and cheaper that “Made in China”.

I will be supplying more information about the NRA as we get closer to the date.

NRA Show 2015 – Chicago May 16th to 19th



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Ambiente 2015 – Eme Responds

Ambiente 2015 – Eme Responds

Ambiente has passed us once again, and with the risk of being to optimistic, it has been only the best fairs that we have had for a number of years.

2015-02-13 09.28.44
Ambiente 2015
Ambiente 2015 Stand
Ambiente 2015 Stand


Perhaps the recession is finished, perhaps Europe is back on the road to growth. Let us hope so, for the benefit of the brave people of Europe.

Although I have already thanked personal the visitors to our stand, I would also like to thank those people who passed our stand, only to look and ask questions.


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Ambiente and Catersource 2015 – Eme Posaterie Srl

Post Homi-Macef: Ambiente 2015 and Catersource 2015

Homi-Macef has finished this week. I must say that the Fair was very well organised, with many great stands. The only missing ingredient, visitors from abroad, but the few visitors that we did have were indeed of the greatest quality.

We at Eme Posaterie Srl are convinced in the future of the Fair, and will also be present next year.

Homi-Macef 2015 Eme Posaterie never looks back, only forward. In the coming months we will be present at Ambiente  in February and Catersource in March (please see below). Both fairs bring to us exciting challenges, that we will face together with our Partners.

Chic cutlery and wedding gift range
Chic cutlery and wedding gift range


Candy Cutlery
Candy Cutlery

Amiente 2015Catersourse Las Vegas

Catersourse Las Vegas

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Ambiente, Homi, Expo 2015, and New 2015 Catalogue

Ambiente, Homi, & Expo 2015

As with every year Eme Posaterie Srl will be exhibiting at both Homi in January and Ambiente in February 2015.

This is a special year for Homi as it also coincides with Expo 2015.

During the fairs, we will have many new models to show to our existing, and future clients. We will also be launching our new 2015 Catalogue in A4 format. I will also be working on an interactive version for iPad and Window tablets.

I hope that we will have the pleasure of your visit to our stand.

In the meantime should you require assistance or information, please do note hesitate to contact me.

HOMI 2015
Homi Macef 2015
Amiente 2015
Ambiente 2015


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Tesco does it again

Tesco does it again

Before starting this post, I must inform my readers that I have promised Tesco that I would not publish on the Internet any copies of correspondence between our two companies. Obviously Tesco are worried that  I may state something that might put in doubt the reputation of this great company. A Company that is always striding to put the interests of their suppliers and investors first. Oh I have forgotten their customers, I am sure that they feel that Tesco is always offering them the very best.

In my previous post, I brought to the attention of my readers, the questions that I would have ask Tesco if I were thinking of buying their “similar” product to our Vero. Well this time we have another product from Tesco for which they have stated that the products are not the same. I leave it for you to decide.

On the left we have the Tesco version. On the right we have ours. Are they the same in appearance? Or are they not?

Tesco's Vintage Cutlery
Tesco’s “Exotic” version of our model Napoleon
Napoleon Cutlery Model











Once again Tesco gives very little information concerning the product in question. We bought a 4pcs place setting of the “similar version” and found that the fork did not stand up well against a hard steak. In fact the fork came of the worse.

I do not want to repeat the previous email, by stating what questions should be asked to Tesco about this product. I will only state  “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”, and this is why our version with its 2.5mm stainless 18/10 certified stainless steel, and the “pearl type” handle is sold in the very best stores in the World.

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Tesco’s sell similar product to our Vero

Tesco’s sell similar product to our Vero

It is the nature of business that once a product becomes a success, everybody tries to find a facsimile version, even a giant like Tesco’s.

Below are two photo’s; one is VERO that is produced by Eme, and the other is that offered by Tesco’s (not made by Eme).


Coloured handle cutlery
Vero coloured handle cutlery.
Tesco’s version



VERO is being sold throughout Europe and America.

VERO is 100% Made in Italy.

VERO is made from 2mm certified stainless steel.

VERO comes with a full set of laboratory tests (your health is important to us).

I am a consumer and if I were interested in buying the Tesco’s product, I would certainly want to ask Tesco’s the following questions:

TESCO’s – Where was the product made? Because I cannot find the place of manufacture on your online product specification – Viewed by writer on 25th July 2014.

TESCO’s – What is the thickness of the stainless steel? Because I cannot find this information on your online product specification – Viewed by writer on 25th July 2014.

TESCO’s – What is the type of steel used? Because I cannot find this information on your online product specification – Viewed by writer on 25th July 2014.

These are simple questions that everybody has the right to know.

I cannot understand why Tesco’s (like many large supermarket chains) believe that they can only obtain price and quality from the Far East.

Eme has a daily production of  250,000pcs. Our delivery time has an average of 10days, and we even sell to China!

Come on Tesco’s, give us a call. Perhaps we can work together.

N.B. This post has been written by John L Aldridge, based on his own initiative, and therefore may not reflect the thoughts or opinions of Eme Posaterie Srl.

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New Products – Giravolta Tray and Polibox®

Giravolta Tray and Polibox Storage System

The new Giravolta Tray which is an ideal choice for both catering and domestic use; is now available for immediate delivery.

The Giravolta Tray



Can be used as a serving trays to refresh your guests on a hot summers day


What can be better than Champagne and strawberries on one single tray!
Breakfast in bed. The best way to start a new day.


Almost unbreakable
Ready for that Party!
Refreshments for any EVENT!
Keeping everything fresh until the right moment


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