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Summer Closure Dates At Eme

As always, we are approaching the date when Italy goes to sleep for a month. Recession or no recession.

I would like everybody to note that the summer closure dates for our warehouse are from:

28/07/2012 to 26/08/2012

However I will be available most of the time to offer customer support, prices, and to take orders for immediate processing after the summer break, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are planning to make an order in the next couple of days, please note that the last shipping date is 26/07/2012, so please do not leave it to the last minute. Even the transport companies close for August.

A Lazy Italian Country View
A Lazy Italian Country View



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Main Menu of Eme Price List/Catalogue App.

Eme Price List Catalogue
Eme Price List for iPad

Main Menu of Eme Price List/Catalogue App

This is just a snapshot of the main menu page of the Eme Price List/Catalogue.

Each word has a built in link.

I will be showing more of the new app in the not too distant future.

As already stated on Facebook, this is just a beta. My intention is to make the program multi-language, but this takes time, and I am only developing the app in my spare time.

Comments are always welcome.




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Eme Price List 2012 For iPad and Windows based Tablets



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A Few Numbers About Eme

I have just finished creating the new database for the new iPad price list and catalogue application.

I thought that you might like to know that we have:

  • 7098 articles. This number does not include for the colour variants. (I have still to add these).
  • 214 models of which 95% are “Made in Italy”.
  • 14 day delivery time (far more efficient than our EU leaders that do not even know the meaning of Team Work).
  • 300,000pcs per day production capacity.
  • ZERO job loss.



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Eme and SR Price Lists for ipad and Window based tablets

I am pleased to annouce that I am working on an interactive price list that will incorporate both Eme and SR price lists.

It will be adaptable for ipad and Windows tablets.

The interactive price list will have the following functions:

  • Easy to find models or group of products
  • Full filtering capability
  • Photo of each model
  • Possibility to insert a discount that will automatically discount the whole price list
  • Easy to update prices
  • Touch screen capability
  • Product descriptions in English and French
  • At a later date I will also include a small database that will enable you to memorize the prices given to a specific client. I already have this function available on another program that I have developed.

I plan to have the new interactive price list available before August, but as I am developing the program in my spare time, it may not be ready until September.

For those that are more experienced in using ipads, should there be any specific functions that may be required? Please let me know.

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Which Flatware To Buy? And Our New Website!

It is often very difficult to know what flatware to buy, and therefore I have created the following diagram using a great little app call “Mindnode“, an Apple App.

I think that it is self explanatory, but if you have any questions, please just ask.

Please also note  that our new website has been launched today.

I would be most grateful to receive your feed back.


Which Cutlery Should I Buy?
The Flatware Selection Map


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John Lewis Partnership, our UK Partner

The dilemma of the internet is that very often we find products that we would like to buy, but cannot, either the company in question has no online sales, or worse, only a text description and photo. This really does not guarantee either the quality of the product, or the supplier themselves. Consequently, at Eme we receive many enquires asking to know where our products are stocked.

When I receive an enquiry from the UK, it is always a pleasure for me to direct them to one of our long standing partners, John Lewis Partnership. We have been supplying John Lewis since 1994, and when a potential client asks to know who our major clients are, John Lewis is always first on the list.

Even when I had a “Saturday Job” at Waitrose, John Lewis had a reputation for quality and service. A characteristic that has remained with the Company to this day. I cannot help but feel that it is due to this philosophy that has made their online sales and direct sales so successful. Product and product information can be easily be found on their web site, and if that is not enough, why not take a visit to your local John Lewis Store and speak to one of their sales staff. You will find them friendly and well informed. You may even want to see our cutlery ranges on display.

At present we have two lines on display; Vintage, a classical design with special “pearl effect” handles in 2.5mm 18/10 stainless steel. Ideal for those special dinner party occasions. And Vero  a modern design with coloured translucent handles in 2mm stainless steel; perfect for everyday use, and a must if you are looking for cutlery that will combine with your Guzzini products.

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Ambiente 2012

Although Frankfurt was pretty cold, I can at least say that the welcome at Ambiente was warm and highly successful.

Our stand was a little smaller than that at Macef, but for the full 5 days we worked consistently. It would seem that Made in Europe has been rediscovered, especially the advantages of working with companies close to home.

For those that have never worked with Eme, I would just like to underline some of the benefits:

  • No minimum orders.
  • No large financial commitments.
  • Delivery Time on average 10 days from receipt of an order.
  • A 100% Made in Italy product.
  • Work with the largest remaining European manufacturer of cutlery.

Just a warm thank you to all the visitors to our stand, and should you have questions, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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From Macef to Ambiente

Just to remind everybody that although Macef has finished, Ambiente is yet to begin.

Please note that we are in Hall 3.0 E76 with our new stand.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting clients and friends, and perhaps new clients and new friends.

All the very best.

John L Aldridge



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Macef 2012 – Thank you all for making the fair one of the best!

The Macef Fair has come to an end for another year. A Fair that has gone beyond all expectations.

Not only were there many Italian visitors to our stand, but more important at least for me, many foreign guests.

I hope that we made all our guests welcome to our stand, and trust that they departed from the Fair knowing that “Made in Italy” is alive and well.

I would just like to thank the Eme team, in particular Cristian, Carlo, Luca, and Dino for all their efforts, and without them the fair would not have been the success that it was.

Unfortunately there was one black spot; we had hoped to launch our new website during Macef, but due to technical problems this will not be possible until later this week.

Signing off. Plenty of post Macef work to get through.

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