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Post – Ambiente 2017

Post – Ambiente 2017

I would just like to thank all the visitors to our stand at Ambiente 2017, that has made it the most successful of all times.

However, I must stress that the number of major companies from the EU block of Countries such as Germany and France, was quite disappointing. My own personal opinion is that most of the “Buyers” of these countries still believe that the only place to do business is in China; but what really worries me about Chinese imports is that they are  often made without any tests for chemical migration.

This is a very simple test for checking to see that the steel does not contain any dangerous metals such as Lead.

When I mention this point to buyers, it seems that they want to close their ears to a very serious matter. But then that is their decision, and that of their company that they represent.

They also do not believe that a EU company can be as competitive as an Chinese company. Well I can assure you that we (EME) can!

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Trade Fairs 2017 – Ambiente and Homi

Hall 3.0, Stand E76

Trade Fairs 2017 – Ambiente and Homi

As with every New Year, we will be exhibiting  at both Ambiente and Homi 2017 Trade Fairs.

During both fairs we will be exhibiting our latest creations, and they are ALL “Made in Italy”. Unlike many of our competitors such as WMF and Robert Welch, and many other household brands, we manufacture 95% of our products, in our factory.

All our products are tested by qualified laboratories, and we do not “cheat” by supplying items for testing with qualified steel, only to use and supply cheap sub standard steel afterwards, which in documented cases has been found to  contain some very unpleasant chemicals and metals.

But lets leave made in China and return to the fairs. We will be exhibiting 2 new coloured handle models that will support our present model “Napoleon”, a stainless steel model that will serve as an alternative to “Fuoco”, and a further 2 models that I will keep as a surprise.

So please try and find time to visit us at one of the fairs, a very European Company, with lots to offer to all tastes.

And let us not forget the service! No minimum order policy; and delivery within 10 to 14 days from confirmation of order. I bet the Chinese cannot offer such service.

I will be present at both fairs, so if you need more information or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask for John L Aldridge – Export Manager.

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A New Quality Product – Swing, A New Name in Kitchen Utensils

Swing – The New Kitchen Utensil Range from Eme Posaterie

Swing is a new product range developed by Eme. Before telling you what it is, I will firstly start by telling you what it is not.


The product is made from Nylon 66 – certified by Bayer.

It is 100% Made in Italy.

It will not damage your non-stick pans.

It is resists temperatures up until 210 deg. Celsius.

Dishwasher Safe.

Does not absorb food odours or colours.

Now the product:

picuswgpPICUSW/GP – 305mm Kitchen tongs that are great for Stir Frying.

piarswgpPIARSW/GP 275mm Meat Tongs

piinswgpPIINSW/GP 275mm Salad Tongs

pispswgpPISPSW/GP 275mm Spaghetti Tongs

schswgpSCHSW/GP 330mm Skimmer

pafrswgpPAFRSW/GP 345mm Spatula

messwgpMESSW/GP 325mm Ladle

palaswgpPALASW/GP 285mm Lasagne Server

pariswgpPARISW/GP 280mm Rice Ladle

All the above items can be supplied with hanger sleeves for wall mounting display.

Packing:  6pcs/item/box – Master 60pcs

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