How a new cutlery ferrule is created


The creation of a new cutlery ferruleHost Trade Fair 2013

Sometimes it is interesting to see how a new cutlery model takes it’s first steps to becoming a reality, from a simply hand drawing, to the final production model.

Below you can see the original hand drawing of the ferrule used on our model “Georgian”, the ferrule was created and the design registered by John L Aldridge. John L Aldridge has also created Eme models Aria, Iso, and Lace.

Louisis Handle Drawing
Georgian, Louisis, Mirage Handle Drawing

From this drawing we obtain the first 3D design using an Auto-Cad type computer program.

From the Auto-Cad drawing we obtain the “coordinates” required to create the tooling.

Checks are made so that we are quite sure that no errors have been made in the 3D coordinates. This is very import, as once the tooling is made, very few modifications can be made afterwards.

The tooling is made by using electrolysis, and becomes a reverse image of the finished product, similar to an engraving.

Once the tooling has been completed, we can begin production of the new ferrule.


Georgian cutlery model
Mirage cutlery model

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Eme Posaterie Needs Feed Back – Inventions and Ideas


Most web sites  are created to communicate in a one way direction. That is, to present to potential clients, and clients new and old; items, products, or services that can be offered.
I would like to turn the whole situation on its head by requesting all my readers to send me any ideas, or ideas for products, that they may have that they feel could have a demand within their market place.

Once upon a time, it was easy to have an idea created locally, but with the advent of the global market, this has sadly become very difficult. BUT not impossible.

Any ideas received by me and accepted for further development, will be covered by contract, and will offer the “innovator” a royalty.

I have invented many products in my life (light fittings, bags, cutlery).

There was one particular bag (travel bag) that I had invented. I tried to get it made in Italy, but nobody was interested. Today that bag has sold in its millions! And I still kick myself for not looking further a field, and believing in my own product.

So come on. If you have half an idea, put it on paper, and lets see what we can do.


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Post Ambiente and Macef

Ambiente and Macef 2013

I would just like to thank all our clients (new and old), and hopefully, future clients as well, for making both trade fairs, Ambiente and Macef, such successes.

It has been such a long time since we have experienced such interest and excitement at a trade fair. It almost seems as if this terrible recession may have finally come to a close.

For those that can remember the recession of the 1970’s, it was a time of great ideas, inventions, and creation – the Renaissance of the 20th Century!

Let’s see (and hope) if history repeats itself once again; giving the “young” a renewed urge to dream and create, and the “old” a sense of pride in “youth” that they helped to encourage.

New cutlery model Victorian



Multi purpose tray
Style in Tray Design



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Eme Posaterie are at Macef and Ambiente 2013 Trade Fairs

Eme Posaterie are at Macef and Ambiente 2013 Trade Fairs

Just to remind all our clients about the forthcoming trade fairs.

As you can see below, we will be present at both Macef and Ambiente.

We will be launching a number of innovative designs which I am sure will meet with your interest.

Trade Fairs are important as they allow you the possibility of physically seeing and feeling the products; and equally important, meeting the people that you may be doing business with in the future.

The role of the export manager is not only to sell but to advise. As the export manager of Eme (John L Aldridge), I have never sold a product to a client that I thought that they could not sell, and I have always made it a point to be available to my clients – their personal “back office”.

My aim has always been to create a long term, no pressure, business relationship with my clients. A philosophy that I have seen work so well over the years.

If you have never worked with Eme, and you are planning to visit one of the above fairs, please feel free to visit our stand, and ask for me in person. I will be more than pleased to share with you my product knowledge, as well as design and coordination experience. I will do my very best to help you arrive at the right decision.

Fiera di Milano - Macef 2013
Fiera di Milano – Macef 2013
Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2013
Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2013



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Why Eme Posaterie Srl will never work with Amazon

Why Eme Posaterie will never work with Amazon

Everybody knows who Amazon is; we also know that they have lately been in the news over their imaginative views on how taxes should be paid.

As a private individual, and also as a supplier to John Lewis, I would like to take the opportunity of explaining why Eme Posaterie will never work with Amazon.

To begin with, I completely agree with Mr. Andy Street, the Managing Director of John Lewis who stated in The Telegraph that multinational companies that do not pay their fair share of national taxes, will “out-invest and ultimately out-trade” their competitors within each respective nation.

As a private individual that has been an Amazon client; I would like to take this criticism a little further, and extend the above observation to include “total lack of transparency and trade ethics”.

Having recently bought a cover for a tablet. The cover was paid for, but the cover never arrived. I complained to Amazon, and found that not only was the product supplied directly from a company in Hong Kong, but Amazon also took the time to inform me of their position:

“Orders on the Marketplace platform are strictly between the buyer and the Seller and isn’t directly involved in these orders and isn’t an agent on behalf of either the Seller or buyer. We can only confirm the delivery method of a Marketplace order by e-mail.”

However, on the Amazon website, it states something completely different:

“You can buy with confidence anytime you purchase products on the website. That is why we also guarantee purchases made within the Marketplace. Both the condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.”

Either Amazon works as a charity, which I doubt; or receives a commission/royalty on the products sold, which I believe is closer to the truth.

But there is another point that I would like to make. From the above statements it would seem that Amazon is not legally bound to protect their clients interests when they buy products (from 3rd parties) through their web site. While John Lewis is!

In my case, I did not see the “Dispatched from and sold by” notice; I was more interested in the price and customer reviews. But this whole story did make me reflect on how major website operators work.

We have a company like John Lewis that pays taxes, creates jobs, and goes to great efforts in guaranteeing the source of their products, through the SEDEX organisation which has become an integral part of the John Lewis supply chain (*)

At this year’s trade fairs atAmbiente and Macef, we did have visits from Amazon. They were not interested to visit our factory, or for that matter a meeting of any kind. Their only interest was for Eme to complete a suppliers spread sheet, and to start work as soon as possible. After much reflection, I refused to comply. I cannot say how many companies Amazon representatives visited during the fairs, but speaking to my colleagues, I would say a lot. NOTHING TO LOSE, ALL TO GAIN.

Almost any company (if not every company) can sell through Amazon Marketplace or Pro-Merchant Seller, and it would seem that no controls are in place to check for infringements of human rights within the manufacturing chain of their suppliers (I leave it to Amazon to prove otherwise – I could find no information on this subject on their web site).

There is one other important point to be made. Eme Posaterie exports to 5  Continents. As export manager, I have the pleasure in dealing with some great people; some of which I have known for many years. The common denominator is that they are people, and not a computer web page; and as such, we communicate together, and work together. Working for a mutual common good. I would never put this arrangement at risk for an organisation like Amazon.

I have never been a great supporter or believer in the “global market”, and it seems that I may have been right. But Amazon is a global company operating within a global market, and writing the rules as they go. You cannot pretend to stay at the best hotel in town, and not pay for the services!

(*) Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a non profit membership organisation, dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Sedex’s core product is a secure, online database which allows members to store, share and report on information.

Models Supplied to John Lewis:

Coloured handle cutlery
Vero cutlery for all seasons


Napoleonic style cutlery
Napoleonic style cutlery

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Eme at Tendence Expo Fair, Prague with Demdaco

Demdaco – Prague

Although we at Eme do our very best to promote our products around the world, we often have the pleasure of relying on our Agents and Importers to exhibit for us.

In the case of the recent Tendence Expo Fair in Prague, held at the Holesovice Fairgound (13 – 16.9.2012), we had the pleasure of working with our importer for the Czech Republic:

Demdaco-Eme at Tendence, Prague 2012

Demdaco CZ
Tel.: +420 603 791 833
Rostislavova 528, 683 23 Ivanovice na Hane
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 603 791 833
Fax: +420 517 363 803

Demdaco has a long standing experience in working in the Houseware/Table Top sector, and I am sure that if you have any questions regarding the Czech market, Demdaco will have the answers for you.

Demdaco are also importers for:

Enesco • Pimpernel • Portmeirion • Robert Opie • Denby
Le Chatelard 1802 • Scottish Fine Soaps • Le Blanc • LENOX


Demdaco-Eme at Tendence, Prague 2012
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Eme at Ambiente and Macef 2013 Trade Fairs

Ambiente and Macef 2013 Trade Fairs

As per every year, we are pleased to inform our clients, and future clients, that we will be exhibiting at the Ambiente and Macef Trade Fairs 2013.

We will be launching a new range of our very successful model VERO, plus the possibility of some new colours for Napoleon.

International Trade Fairs 2013
Ambiente and Macef Trade Fairs 2013

For those that visited Maison & Objet, I am sure that you will agree with me that this fair is becoming ever more important to our sector of business.

Many have asked why Eme was not present? Well I can answer this question by informing our clients that we are considering the matter. However, it must be remembered that we are an Italian Company that must show some allegiance to our own national trade fair (Macef) where many of our national clients take the opportunity to visit us. Also we are fighting to keep our costs under control so that we can continue to create new ideas, and what is more important, keep our prices firm.

We are living in very turbulent times, financially and politically. Therefore it is only right that Eme tries to do its very best in offering a little bit of stability. Continuing to offer pricing stability, fast delivery times, and innovative products.

At a later date, I will be confirming our stand positions.

If you need information about our production, please do not wait until the fairs; please contact me immediately.

International Trade Fairs 2013

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Eme will be exhibiting at the “PIR” Exhibition at Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia

The Company Reehouse:

Центральный офис:
Россия, 127549, г. Москва, Бибиревская, д. 10, ООО “РиДом”
Телефон: +7(495) 410-55-25; +7(495) 411-14-37 (многоканальный)
E-mail: posudastyle@gmail.com
График работы офиса: понедельник – суббота с 9:00 до 21:00,
воскресенье и праздники – выходные дни!

Will be exhibiting our products at the “PIR” Exhibition at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow – from 25-28/09/2012

We have been working many years with Reehouse, and I am sure that should you be planning to visit the fair, you will be warmly met by the professional staff of Reehouse.



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Consumer Protection

I consider Consumer Protection a major benefit to modern day life. It provides us with a valid tool to protect ourselves from cheap “similar” products from the Far East; which I may add, are often sold as EU originals. Shirts are a key example, Italian names, with Italian prices, but with origins that are far from our shores.

Housewares and kitchenware products are no different. Do we really know what we are buying from sourced Far Eastern products?

In these days, we have heard a lot about “political” and “financial” union within the EU; but we do not hear about a Union of EU Consumers. In fact the level of Consumer Protection varies greatly from country to country.

As an example, take a look at BT UK. In the UK it is a highly respected telecommunications company that offers service and quality. BT Italy instead is the opposite. It offers a bad and antiquated broadband service (only 7mega!), and where it’s clients have very little chance of protest. BT Italy does have a “web care”, but complaints are seldom answered.

It does seem to me that we are living in an age where international groups have the luxury of being able to avoid their clients at all times, especially if they have already paid.

When I receive a valid complaint from my clients or from my client’s client, I do my best to put it right. However no all complaints are always valid.

I remember a case some years ago. We had a client in Germany that bought our model Limpida, the basic 4 items, plus the serving items.

We started to receive an ever increasing number of complains. It was only when we were able to examine the items being returned that we realized that the items in question were not ours, but Chinese copies. People were returning the rusting Chinese versions to our client’s store and obtaining a replacement!

I, and many of my colleagues have been fighting Brussels for many years, for more legislation against Chinese imports, but Brussels has often been reluctant to act, preferring to put our health at risk rather than cause an international incident with China.

China does have a very bad track record for using dangerous chemicals and/or using uncertified materials. Is it too much to ask to have our health protected?

By J L Aldridge – Personal View


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