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Coloured handle cutlery

HOMI 2018 – January 26th – 29th – Pad.4 Stand D02-E01

HOMI 2018-Jan 26th to 29th – Pad.4 Stand D02-E01

Starting the New Year of 2018, we begin with our traditional participation at the HOMI Trade Fair in Milan.
After the very successful HOST  in October 2017, that was dedicated to the Horeca sector of the market. We intend to continue this success with an even better HOMI.
We will be exhibiting many new models and concepts at HOMI; based and the result of the advanced technology used in our production.
It is important to remember that our production meets all International standards regarding health and quality.
We hope that we will have the pleasure of your visit to our stand, and for all international enquiries, please always ask for Mr. John L Aldridge – Export Manager of Eme.
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Tesco’s sell similar product to our Vero

Tesco’s sell similar product to our Vero

It is the nature of business that once a product becomes a success, everybody tries to find a facsimile version, even a giant like Tesco’s.

Below are two photo’s; one is VERO that is produced by Eme, and the other is that offered by Tesco’s (not made by Eme).


Coloured handle cutlery
Vero coloured handle cutlery.
Tesco’s version



VERO is being sold throughout Europe and America.

VERO is 100% Made in Italy.

VERO is made from 2mm certified stainless steel.

VERO comes with a full set of laboratory tests (your health is important to us).

I am a consumer and if I were interested in buying the Tesco’s product, I would certainly want to ask Tesco’s the following questions:

TESCO’s – Where was the product made? Because I cannot find the place of manufacture on your online product specification – Viewed by writer on 25th July 2014.

TESCO’s – What is the thickness of the stainless steel? Because I cannot find this information on your online product specification – Viewed by writer on 25th July 2014.

TESCO’s – What is the type of steel used? Because I cannot find this information on your online product specification – Viewed by writer on 25th July 2014.

These are simple questions that everybody has the right to know.

I cannot understand why Tesco’s (like many large supermarket chains) believe that they can only obtain price and quality from the Far East.

Eme has a daily production of  250,000pcs. Our delivery time has an average of 10days, and we even sell to China!

Come on Tesco’s, give us a call. Perhaps we can work together.

N.B. This post has been written by John L Aldridge, based on his own initiative, and therefore may not reflect the thoughts or opinions of Eme Posaterie Srl.

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First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

Coloured handle cutlery
Vero coloured handle cutlery.

The first day of Spring is with us, and the time has come to start thinking of those long warm nights, and gorgeous colours that only nature can provide.

It is the moment when the spirits within are lifted to greater heights, and the sadness of Winter becomes but a distant memory.

For the brave, the season for eating out doors has begun, and what can be more enjoyable than preparing the table with that added colour.

I have two models that I would like to present to you; VERO and Table Fun (Carre’ Ballon Bateau).



Ballon 2_1024_2  Carrè 3_1024

 All are 100% “Made in Italy” , and are able to grace any table with the spirit of Spring.

Bateau 4_1024

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Ambiente 2014

Ambiente 2014

Ambiente - Frankfurt 2014
HALL 3.0 – STAND E76

The HOMI Trade Fair finished yesterday.

I must say that I went to this fair with grave doubts. I believed that HOMI could never recuperate the lost ground made by past fair administrators of doubted ability and interfering politicians.

I was proved to be wrong. Ok we did not have 4 days of intense business 2 business, but we did have a group of foreign visitors that greatly appreciated the new format, and were well qualified!

I am more than prepared to bet that next year will even be better, returning an “old Macef” that was almost dead, into a young and vibrant HOMI that will once again return to the top of the list of international fairs.

Ambiente is almost upon us. I, John L Aldridge – Export Manager, will be available throughout the fair, so should you require answers to any questions regarding  our  Company or our production, please do not hesitate to come and ask me. Remember “Your time is our time”, so please feel free to visit us.

Please note that we are always pleased to meet new potential clients, but we have particular openings in the following countries:

Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden, China, and Portugal.

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