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Recap of Our New 2017 Models

Recap of Our New 2017 Models

As we are coming up to our first trade fair of the 2017-2018 Season with our presence at the

HOST Trade Fair

that will be held in:

Milan – Rho on 20th to 24th of October 2017

Stand location Pad.9 C25 – D26

I thought that it might be a good idea to refresh our clients memory of the new models launched during 2017.

But wish will not be the singular event of 2017, at Host we will also have new models that will be available for 2018.


Let us start with the stainless steel models:



Zeus Fire is part of the FUOCO family; hand made in fire!

Both Zeus Fire & Zeus are made from forged stainless steel.

The new models that join the famous Napoleon range are Ginevre & Mona Lisa:




Vero Blend consists of the following designs:

Vero Tropical
Vero Margarita
Vero Rajah


If our readers should require to know more about the above models, please send me an email to john@emeposaterie.com

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Trade Fairs 2017 – Ambiente and Homi

Hall 3.0, Stand E76

Trade Fairs 2017 – Ambiente and Homi

As with every New Year, we will be exhibiting  at both Ambiente and Homi 2017 Trade Fairs.

During both fairs we will be exhibiting our latest creations, and they are ALL “Made in Italy”. Unlike many of our competitors such as WMF and Robert Welch, and many other household brands, we manufacture 95% of our products, in our factory.

All our products are tested by qualified laboratories, and we do not “cheat” by supplying items for testing with qualified steel, only to use and supply cheap sub standard steel afterwards, which in documented cases has been found to  contain some very unpleasant chemicals and metals.

But lets leave made in China and return to the fairs. We will be exhibiting 2 new coloured handle models that will support our present model “Napoleon”, a stainless steel model that will serve as an alternative to “Fuoco”, and a further 2 models that I will keep as a surprise.

So please try and find time to visit us at one of the fairs, a very European Company, with lots to offer to all tastes.

And let us not forget the service! No minimum order policy; and delivery within 10 to 14 days from confirmation of order. I bet the Chinese cannot offer such service.

I will be present at both fairs, so if you need more information or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask for John L Aldridge – Export Manager.

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Monna Lisa – The New Cutlery Model Preview

Monna Lisa – The New Cutlery Model Preview

During a visit to London, I was walking along one of the many back streets of London that are so often unknown to the tourist, and to my surprise, on passing an antique shop, I saw an 18th early 19th century fork that caught my eye.

The fork in itself was nothing particular, and in fact it was probably a production reject as the bottom of the handle was unfinished, but the ferrule (the part that separates the steel from the handle) had something that I liked.

I could not resist it, I bought it immediately.

The fork stayed for many years in one of my draws, and being one of those “tidy, but untidy” persons, I nearly lost it more than once.

I have always been looking for a model that could support our Eme Napoleon cutlery model, without subtracting from it.

In creating  Monna Lisa, I believe that the balance has been found, and I am very pleased with my creation.

I hope that my readers will feel the same.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa

Dated 18th July 2016


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“Shades of Summer” promotion from EME

“Shades of Summer” promotion from EME

Summer is always a moment of joy and pleasure.

A time to enjoy those long lazy Summer days and nights with friends and family, over even the modest cuisine.

With the colours of nature that Summer brings to our hearts and eyes, so does the colour hues of the table bring, to enrich our lives, even though in a modest way.

This Summer, Eme Posaterie has decided to make a very special promotion that is dedicated especially to our models BRIO and VERO, and specially to Summer.

Should you wish to receive prices, please contact me.






















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Belgium – Bekinox NV

Belgium – Bekinox NV

I was very sorry to hear about the situation of the company Bekinox NV.

As many companies in Belgium will know, Bekinox was the exclusive representative of Eme in Belgium.

Although I am the Export Manager for Eme Posaterie Srl, Belgium was one of the few geographic areas that did not come under my commercial jurisdiction.

Should you require further information about Belgium and Bekinox, please contact Mr. Erik Mori (Sales Director) – erik.mori@eme-posaterie.it

John L Aldridge

Export Manager.

email: john@emeposaterie.com

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Ambiente 2016 – A Great Thank You

Ambiente 2016 – A Great Thank You

Another Ambiente Trade Fair has passed, but we have to go back many years  to find a fair that has been so satisfying.

Perhaps the recession is finished. Perhaps the  commercial World is awakening from a long a terrible nightmare. Let’s keep those fingers crossed, be optimistic and trust in the future.

We at Eme had the possibility to reiterate our position as Europe’s number 1 producer of cutlery, and perhaps the World’s number 1 as regards to technology and advancement, and as a Company we wish to thank all the many visitors to our stand. THANK YOU!

During the fair, we were able to show our clients, new and old, our latest creations. The link to download is as follow:

New Creations Catalogue

The new models are listed as follow:

Retro – Old World Cutlery of Past Times.

Retro Silver Plated

Sand Blasted – Futuristic


Marte – The Blacksmith Look!

Griffe – Refined

One of the great moments of being an Export Manager is when you appoint an agent or distributor for a geographical area. Often it takes much time and hard work before you feel happy with your choice. In the case of Turkey, we have finally nominated the Company Tibet of Istanbul as our exclusive importer:





Telephone: 0212 514 20 28 – www.tibetmutfak.com

As Export Manager, I have always gone for a long term business relationship, based on mutual trust and steady growth. “Growing Together” has always been one of the main business principles of Eme. And it works.



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HOMI and Ambiente 2016

Homi and Ambiente 2016

As with every year Eme Posaterie Srl will be exhibiting at both Homi from 29th January to 1st February 2016, and Ambiente from 12th to 16th February 2016.

As many of you will know, Homi has replace the old Macef, and with the new team, seem to have turned the fair around. Increasing its share against Ambiente and Maison et Objet.

Made in Italy has still a lot to offer the world, and just to remind the reader, Eme Posaterie manufacture nearly 95% of the product sold! Has an average delivery time of 14 days from receipt of an order; and has the most advance production line for cutlery in Europe.

During these fairs, we will have many new models to show to our existing, and future clients. We will also be launching.

I hope that we will have the pleasure of your visit to our stand.

In the meantime should you require assistance or information, please do note hesitate to contact me.



Ambiente 2016

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Post HOST Trade Fair – Eme – Made in Italy

The fair has concluded with success; especially with the assistance of Chef Francesca Marsetti (as seen on the featured image), who did an excellent job in demonstrating the advantages of the new GIRAVOLTA system (please see below).

We launched a variety of new and innovative products. A range that even amazed our competitors. Proving once again that Eme Posaterie Srl is one of the major manufacturers of cutlery remaining in Europe.

Please feel free to page through our leaflets below:

We are showing the World that even during these difficult times, Italian Industry can still CREATE and PRODUCE innovative products.

Our next trade fair is HOMI 2016 from 29th January to 1st February, where even more new products will be on display.Logo negativo Grigio

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Host 2015 – Last days of Expo 2015

Host 2015 – Last days of Expo 2015

Banner Host 120x600


As with every two years, we will be once again exhibiting at the Host Trade Fair 2015 in Milan.

We will have plenty of new products on display, and hope that we will have the pleasure of meeting new and old clients.

I (John L. Aldridge – Export Manager) will be present at the Fair with all the Team Eme, ready to ask any questions that you may have.

Just a suggestion. While visiting Host, why not take the opportunity of also visiting Expo 2015?

As somebody that has already visited Expo, I would certainly suggest a nocturnal visit. The Tree of Life is truly magnificent.



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An Update of What is Happening at Eme

An Update of What is Happening at Eme

Eme Posaterie Srl is always looking forward to the future.

Our goal is always to improve our quality, our production levels, and above all our service to our clients.

If we can reduce by just 1 minute the time that is dedicated by our clients in solving a problem, then we consider that we are on the right path.

The quantity of correspondence between client and supplier is normally inversely proportional to the ability of the supplier to meet their clients requirements. This means that a client that has to spend an abnormal amount of time communicating with a supply, is unable to use their time efficiently for more creative applications, that would enhance the advancement of their own company.

Obviously, we at Eme are not perfect, we also have the occasional client problem to solve. The difference is that we work hard to find a solution quickly. We do not brush the problem under the carpet, waiting for it to go away by itself.

With the continuous investment made by Eme Posaterie Srl , means that we are able to reduce our lead times. Our average delivery time is now down to only 10 days; which even puts our Chinese competitors to shame.

How can Eme offer such service without reducing quality? The answer is simple. Eme has invested heavily in high-tech machinery. One of our latest acquisitions is a “Spider” machine. This machine was first used in the food industry for automating quality control. Eme has used the same concept for the quality control of our production of cutlery. Any cutlery piece that is scanned and does not respect the parameters set, is rejected.

Progress is movement, and Eme Posaterie Srl is a mover.

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