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Eme Posaterie Needs Feed Back – Inventions and Ideas


Most web sites  are created to communicate in a one way direction. That is, to present to potential clients, and clients new and old; items, products, or services that can be offered.
I would like to turn the whole situation on its head by requesting all my readers to send me any ideas, or ideas for products, that they may have that they feel could have a demand within their market place.

Once upon a time, it was easy to have an idea created locally, but with the advent of the global market, this has sadly become very difficult. BUT not impossible.

Any ideas received by me and accepted for further development, will be covered by contract, and will offer the “innovator” a royalty.

I have invented many products in my life (light fittings, bags, cutlery).

There was one particular bag (travel bag) that I had invented. I tried to get it made in Italy, but nobody was interested. Today that bag has sold in its millions! And I still kick myself for not looking further a field, and believing in my own product.

So come on. If you have half an idea, put it on paper, and lets see what we can do.


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