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Recap of Our New 2017 Models

Recap of Our New 2017 Models

As we are coming up to our first trade fair of the 2017-2018 Season with our presence at the

HOST Trade Fair

that will be held in:

Milan – Rho on 20th to 24th of October 2017

Stand location Pad.9 C25 – D26

I thought that it might be a good idea to refresh our clients memory of the new models launched during 2017.

But wish will not be the singular event of 2017, at Host we will also have new models that will be available for 2018.


Let us start with the stainless steel models:



Zeus Fire is part of the FUOCO family; hand made in fire!

Both Zeus Fire & Zeus are made from forged stainless steel.

The new models that join the famous Napoleon range are Ginevre & Mona Lisa:




Vero Blend consists of the following designs:

Vero Tropical
Vero Margarita
Vero Rajah


If our readers should require to know more about the above models, please send me an email to john@emeposaterie.com

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Monna Lisa – The New Cutlery Model Preview

Monna Lisa – The New Cutlery Model Preview

During a visit to London, I was walking along one of the many back streets of London that are so often unknown to the tourist, and to my surprise, on passing an antique shop, I saw an 18th early 19th century fork that caught my eye.

The fork in itself was nothing particular, and in fact it was probably a production reject as the bottom of the handle was unfinished, but the ferrule (the part that separates the steel from the handle) had something that I liked.

I could not resist it, I bought it immediately.

The fork stayed for many years in one of my draws, and being one of those “tidy, but untidy” persons, I nearly lost it more than once.

I have always been looking for a model that could support our Eme Napoleon cutlery model, without subtracting from it.

In creating  Monna Lisa, I believe that the balance has been found, and I am very pleased with my creation.

I hope that my readers will feel the same.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa

Dated 18th July 2016


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