Eme and SR Price Lists for ipad and Window based tablets

I am pleased to annouce that I am working on an interactive price list that will incorporate both Eme and SR price lists.

It will be adaptable for ipad and Windows tablets.

The interactive price list will have the following functions:

  • Easy to find models or group of products
  • Full filtering capability
  • Photo of each model
  • Possibility to insert a discount that will automatically discount the whole price list
  • Easy to update prices
  • Touch screen capability
  • Product descriptions in English and French
  • At a later date I will also include a small database that will enable you to memorize the prices given to a specific client. I already have this function available on another program that I have developed.

I plan to have the new interactive price list available before August, but as I am developing the program in my spare time, it may not be ready until September.

For those that are more experienced in using ipads, should there be any specific functions that may be required? Please let me know.

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Which Flatware To Buy? And Our New Website!

It is often very difficult to know what flatware to buy, and therefore I have created the following diagram using a great little app call “Mindnode“, an Apple App.

I think that it is self explanatory, but if you have any questions, please just ask.

Please also note  that our new website www.eme-posaterie.it has been launched today.

I would be most grateful to receive your feed back.


Which Cutlery Should I Buy?
The Flatware Selection Map


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