Post – Ambiente 2017

Post – Ambiente 2017

I would just like to thank all the visitors to our stand at Ambiente 2017, that has made it the most successful of all times.

However, I must stress that the number of major companies from the EU block of Countries such as Germany and France, was quite disappointing. My own personal opinion is that most of the “Buyers” of these countries still believe that the only place to do business is in China; but what really worries me about Chinese imports is that they are  often made without any tests for chemical migration.

This is a very simple test for checking to see that the steel does not contain any dangerous metals such as Lead.

When I mention this point to buyers, it seems that they want to close their ears to a very serious matter. But then that is their decision, and that of their company that they represent.

They also do not believe that a EU company can be as competitive as an Chinese company. Well I can assure you that we (EME) can!

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